National Security Multi-Mission Vessels

The next generation of training vessels for U.S. mariners that will also provide humanitarian assistance and disaster relief in times of need.
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LNG Bunkering

The world's first LNG Bunker Barge. Constructed and managed by TOTE Services. Decarbonization of the transport sector has greatly accelerated encouraging companies to adjust operations and make investments in assets that reduce carbon intensity.
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The ORCA Class

Purpose built for the Alaska trade in 2003, the ORCA class vessels are designed to accommodate a wide variety of commercial, private, and military rolling stock. The hull form and the high freeboard ensures that the vessels and the cargo rides safely in all types of weather encountered in the Gulf of Alaska.
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The MARLIN Class

TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico provides fast and efficient, twice-weekly service between the ports of Jacksonville, FL, and San Juan PR.
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Network of Vessels

North Star

The second vessel of the ORCA class is also a ro-ro vessel purpose-built to ensure a safe and reliable year-round liner service in the challenging Alaska environment.

Sailing as a U.S.-flagged vessel under the Jones Act, the crews and vessels are prepared to be called upon by the government to support national security and humanitarian efforts.

Perla Del Caribe

These MARLIN class vessels are the World's first LNG-powered container ships with oversight by TOTE Services during the design, build, and transition to operations and remain as the Ship Manager including marine personnel.

Purpose-built to serve Puerto Rico with weekly sailings from Jacksonville, FL carrying containerized cargo.

Isla Bella

World’s First LNG-Powered Container Vessel sailing weekly from Jacksonville, FL to San Juan, Puerto Rico has completed over 400 LNG bunkering.

The Clean Jacksonville, designed, built, and transitioned into operation with oversight by TOTE Services was purpose-built to serve the MARLIN Class since 2018.

Clean Jacksonville

America's first LNG bunkering barge completed over 400 ship-to-ship LNG fuel deliveries since its launch in 2018.

Designed, built, and transitioned into operation with oversight by TOTE Services and was purpose-built to serve the MARLIN Class.

Seaside LNG’s maritime transportation company, Polaris New Energy, acquired Clean Jacksonville in 2023 and has the largest fleet of LNG barges operating in the United States.

Clean Jacksonville on Siem

Polaris, after purchasing the Clean Jacksonville from TOTE,  entered a long-term contract with TOTE Services to continue serving as the technicanager.

The TOTE Services operated Clean Jacksonville bunkering service expanded to support multiple LNG Vessels across the country.
In 2023, she is providing LNG to the Siem Confusious in the Port of Jacksonville.

Pacific Tracker

Renamed Pacific Tracker in 2019 to serve as a tracking and telemetry ship in service for the Missile Defense Agency.
In 2013, the crew was awarded the “On-Target Award” from the MDA for providing superb support to the FTI-01 Flight Test.

Pacific Collector

Previously served as a training ship for TEXAS A&M Galveston and provided relief for Hurricane Rita in 1987. This vessel was renamed Pacific Collector in 2019.

TOTE Services is providing vessel construction management services for the Lone Star State National Security Multi-Mission vessel to support the training program of merchant mariners at TEXAS A&M Galveston. Delivery is expected by 2026.


LMSR (Large Medium-Speed Roll-on/Roll-off vessel) positioned in the Pacific Northwest transitioned to the MARAD Sealift Capacity & Readiness fleet in 2022.

TOTE Services continues as the Full Technical Manager including personnel oversight and long-term vessel readiness.

Fast Tempo

Fast Tempo is a quad screw, aluminum-hulled support vessel that is part of the Offshore Petroleum Distribution System (OPDS). Fast Tempo provides expeditionary support for the USNS Wheeler and aids in the deployment of FlexPipe from Wheeler and the positing of the Offshore Distribution System.


Equipped with dynamic positioning, numerous support vessels, and 8 miles of flexible piping to enable the delivery of fuel or water to onshore facilities. TOTE Services has led the management of the vessel and crew since 2011.


TOTE Services has managed this floating, self-propelled, mobile active electronically scanned array early-warning radar station designed to operate in high winds and heavy seas since 2011.

Under the TOTE Services ship management program, the Sea-Based X Band Radar has achieved over 650 continuous operational days at sea.

SS Pollux

Roll-on/roll-off vehicle cargo ship designed with a series of decks connected by ramps to allow for fast loading and unloading of cargo.

The POLLUX was involved in several operations including Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Restore Hope, and Operation Enduring Freedom.

SS Regulus

SS Regulus is an Algol class vehicle cargo ship that is currently maintained by the United States Maritime Administration as part of the Military Sealift Command's Ready Reserve Force with TOTE Services as the Ship Manager. This Fast Sealift Ship (FSS) with a full displacement of over 55k tons and a length of 946 ft.

SS Altair

This vessel is part of the Algol Class under Ship Management of TOTE Services. She is named after Altair, the brightest star in the constellation Aquila and the twelfth brightest star in the night sky.

SS Bellatrix

She is fitted with two sets of two cranes; one set capable of lifting 35 tons, and another capable of lifting 50 tons to complement her roll-on/roll-off capabilities.

SS Antares

An Algol class vehicle cargo ship that has been deployed on multiple humanitarian and peace keeping missions.

SS Denebola

Fast Sealift Ship (FSS) built as the SS Sea-land Resource is capable of 33 knot speeds with capacity for over 700 vehicles.

Empire State

First in class, the National Security Multi-mission Vessel is a purpose-built vessel for training US merchant mariners at SUNY Maritime College, with the capacity to also serve humanitarian missions.

This program is the first of its kind where MARAD contracted with TOTE Services as the Vessel Construction Manager leveraging commercial best practices to deliver a high-quality vessel on time and on budget.

Patriot State

The second in the NSMV class vessel purpose-built for training future officers and engineers for the US merchant fleet, and also equipped for disaster relief with a roll-on/roll-off side ramp, cranes, and a helipad is bound for Massachusetts Maritime Academy in Buzzards Bay, MA.

The inaugural crew includes MMA graduate as the Chief Engineer, Laura Wilcox.

State of Maine

The third in the NSMV Class of vessels will be deployed to cadets at Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, Maine.

Scheduled for delivery in 2025, the construction of this vessel under the management of TOTE Services will be completed within 48 - 52 months outperforming the timelines for most government vessel construction projects.

Lone Star State

On January 18, 2023, the start of fabrication of the fourth National Security Multi-Mission Vessel at Philly Shipyard began. The Lone Star State will be deployed to the Texas A&M University at Galveston for cadet training.


TOTE Services provides crewing, purchasing, and back-office support for American Roll-on Roll-off Carriers which celebrated 35 years of US Flag service in 2023. In 2024, the fleet increased to nine vessels when the ARC Honor was reflagged to a US Flagged Carrier. TOTE Services was honored to have supported the transition and oversee the new crew for service.

ARC Patriot

Built with flexible cargo areas to be redesigned at sea enables the vessel to be reconfigured quickly to accommodate different cargoes and maximize lift capacity. The attached ramp systems make the vessels self-sustaining for load and discharge.

ARC provides port-to-port and end-to-end transport of heavy vehicles, helicopters, Household Goods (HHG), Privately-Owned Vehicles (POV), and other equipment for the U.S. government and its various agencies. We also carry agricultural and construction equipment for developing nations, Federal Transit Administration public transportation cargoes, U.S. Export-Import Bank preference cargoes, and other commercial break-bulk and Ro-Ro business

Fast Sealift Ship

Fast Sealift Ships (FSS) are the world's fastest conventional steam-powered cargo ships, with speeds of over 33 knots. They are also known as Algol-class vehicle cargo ships or SL-7s. FSS are nearly the length of an aircraft carrier and can travel from the East Coast to Europe in six days. They can be activated and ready to sail within 120 hours. TOTE Services is proud to be the ship manager for this class of vessels supporting their dedication to our nation.