“TOTE Services is honored to have been awarded the contract for vessel construction management for the NSMV fleet that will serve as the new training ships for the U.S. maritime community,” said TOTE Services President Jeff Dixon. “This award reflects the wide-ranging knowledge and capabilities that TOTE Services has and will provide in executing MARAD’s vision to recapitalize the training fleet for our nation’s maritime academies, which provide qualified officers to support the domestic maritime industry.”

- The first national security vessel was delivered within 3 1/2 years
- A highly-functional national asset
- World-class educational equipment
- Roll-on/roll-off ramp and container storage
- Dedicated training bridge and navigation lab
- Meets national and international safety requirements
- State-of-the-art hospital facilities
- Helicopter landing pad

National Security Multi-Mission Fleet (NSMV)

Designed for State-of-the-Art Training of our Five State Maritime Academies Across the U.S.

A Built-to-Serve Resource for Federal Relief and Response Efforts.

Common Space and Mess Capacity for 700 People While Underway, or 1,000 While In Port.

NSMV Construction Timeline

NSMV Construction Timeline

In September 2023, the first National Security Multi-Mission Vessel, Empire State, was delivered for the State University of New York Maritime Academy. Next, the Patriot State is planned for delivery for Massachusetts Maritime Academy in late Summer 2024 then the State of Maine for Maine Maritime Academy and Lone Star State for Texas A&M University Maritime Academy in 2025. The final national security vessel of this class, the Golden State will be delivered for California State Maritime Academy in 2026. LEARN MORE

“In May 2019, MARAD awarded TOTE Services, a company involved in ship management, marine operations, and vessel services, a contract to be the Vessel Construction Manager (VCM) for the NSMV program. This contract is an innovative approach to federal shipbuilding where the government benefits from commercial best practices for ship design and construction,” said U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao. Dec 2020 [MARAD Press Release]

NSMV Media

In 2019, TOTE Services was named the Vessel Construction Manager (VCM) for the National Security Multi-Mission Vessel (NSMV). Learn more about what others have said about the program and how TOTE Services has delivered on-time and on-target with their Vessel Construction Management team.

“Today, marks another significant milestone for TOTE, the Maritime Administration, and the maritime industry as a whole,” said Maritime Administrator Ann Phillips (Rear Admiral USN, Ret.). “These NSMV’s will play a crucial role in the maritime industry – providing future generations of mariners a world-class platform for training and serving as an exceptional resource for emergency response and homeland security for the nation." [Marine Log Staff, "Philly Shipyard cuts steel for fourth NSMV." JAN 2023]

Empire State - SUNY

Patriot State - MMA