Technical Consulting

TOTE Services skillfully and expertly supports and maintains ship owners’ interests and property by providing top-to-bottom full technical consulting worldwide. Our experienced staff stands ready to assist with projects that require the highest level of expertise and professionalism.

New Building Supervision –  TOTE Services has supervised new construction at General Dynamics NASSCO (LNG Containerships), Avondale (Tankers), Newport News (Tankers) and Mitsubishi (Tankers).

Full Technical Management – TOTE Services has provided full technical management for the TOTE Maritime fleet since 1975, including permanent and temporary vessels used to serve the Alaska and Puerto Rico markets.

Major Specialized Maritime Operations – Operated vessels in major military support operations, including: Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

Shipyard Overhaul Supervision – Managed dry-dockings worldwide. Most recently in USA, Singapore, Japan, Canada, Poland, Germany, Dubai, U.A.E., Spain and UK.

Commissioning and Delivery Sea Trials – Performed commissioning and sea trials for Bay Shipbuilding of Sturgeon Bay; Newport News Shipbuilding; Aker Philadelphia Shipping and Marinette Marine Corp, including a T-ACS, Training Vessel, two LMSRs, 15 Product Tankers, four Container Ships and a Navy LCS.

Conversion Projects Management – Supervised numerous vessel conversions, including a semi-submersible platform into SBX-Vessel for Missile Defense Agency (MDA). Currently supervising world first engine conversion of RO/RO containerships to LNG.

Vessel Lay-up and/or Reactivation Services – Extensive experience for over 25 years in activations and lay-up of a large fleet of government owned vessels.

Vessel Re-flagging Services – Since 2004 TOTE Services has brought five foreign flag vessels under US flag.

Safety & Environmental Audits

Custodian Services

Vessel Life Cycle Management

Ship Recycling Services

Maritime Technical Consulting

Maritime Environmental Consulting

Initial provision and sundries ordering, receipt and storing

Fit-out of galley, hotel and accommodations

Vetting, selection and training of light-off and trial crews

Management of statutory and regulatory requirements in preparation of trials

Safe operation and management of the ships in accordance with statutory, regulatory and classification society requirements

Emergency response and casualty control

Perform systems activations and testing

Maritime Training

LNG training for Classification Society & Recognized Organizations, ships personnel, bunker barge crew, and office staff. Maritime familiarity training for US Government personnel. Onboard training of office and crew for safety management system development.


Over 25 years of experience in activation, reflagging, and lay-up of customer owned vessels in a safe, environmentally responsible, and effective way.  This includes the identification of layberths (analysis, coordination, and source selection) and custodian services.

Shipyard Support

Imbed USCG licensed engineers to support peak machinery and systems commissioning, management of statutory and regulatory requirements, and preparation for sea-trials.


We have performed commissioning and sea trials for Bay Shipbuilding of Sturgeon Bay; Newport News Shipbuilding; Aker Philadelphia Shipping and Marinette Marine Corp, including a T-ACS, Training Vessels, two LMSRs, 15 Product Tankers, four Container Ships, and a Navy LCS.


Our team develops design alternatives and supervises vessel conversions for improved performance, compliance, and capacity.  Most recently TOTE Services completed the first engine conversion of U.S. flagged Roll-On/Roll-Off vessels to operate on LNG.

Life Cycle Management

We consider the entire life span of assets under management which extends beyond annual inspections, to include machinery and steel structures, drydock, mid-term upgrades, and extension of life projects.  TOTE Services is focused on the smallest details.

Safety & environmental consulting

Safety and environmental stewardship are at the forefront of all operations decisions and supported at the highest levels of the TOTE organization. TOTE’s robust safety team are engaged with industry to understand best practices and integrate into our SMS and audit process.