At TOTE Services, our values of safety, commitment and integrity define who we are and what we stand for.

As part of the TOTE Group, TOTE Services executes industry leading initiatives that measurably benefit the environment around us, including the people and the communities we serve. We also continually assess our environmental objectives and performance, both shoreside and aboard our managed vessels, in order to reduce our environmental impact.

Successfully leading the industry through our investment in liquified natural gas (LNG) engine technology for the TOTE maritime fleet.  

TOTE Services guided construction of the world’s first LNG powered container ships and in 2015, the company welcomed the first of two vessels in the Marlin Class to the fleet.

The Clean Jacksonville LNG bunkering barge was first in class and the TOTE Services LBG Barge Operators have successfully completed over 300 ship-to-ship LNG fuel transfers without incident.

We are not just the first in the world to build LNG powered container ships, we are also the first in the nation to convert an existing fleet to run on LNG. Through the conversion of our Orca Class vessels, we are able to significantly reduce our emissions in the environmentally sensitive areas of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

TOTE Services continues to work with innovative groups around the world as a resource provider for vessel construction management, ship management and technical resources that will enable the future of energy infrastructure for the domestic maritime industry.

Our commitment to the marine environment is carried out each day by the hundreds of dedicated employees across our fleet operations and shoreside teams at various locations around the world.

View our Environmental and Quality Policy:

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