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Welcome to the TOTE Services Vendor page. We are excited to partner with you to provide goods and services which improve the safety and reliability, and extend the service life of the vessels which we manage.

TOTE Services is  committed to ensuring the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and safety in all of our business relationships. Please review and acknowledge our Vendor Code of Ethical Business Conduct.  If you have any questions or about the Code, then please discuss them with your TOTE Services point of contact.


Vendor Code of ConductVendor Information FormW-9 (domestic vendors)W-8 (international vendors)

All Vendors must submit the linked documents (signed Code of Conduct form, vendor information packet, W8 or W9) to This information will be verified then entered into our Fleet Management and the Accounts Payable systems.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask your TOTE Services point of contact or send an email to the Purchasing Dept ( .

Code of Ethics & Hotline

We want our Company to be the kind of place where we would all be proud for our children to work.  We expect our employees to always be honest and ethical in the performance of Company business and to meet the highest standards of business behavior. Our Code of Ethics incorporates these values and is a guide to help us consistently do the right thing in all of our business dealings.

View our Code of Ethics

We are absolutely committed to integrity. If you believe any TOTE company or individual has engaged in illegal or unethical behavior, we encourage you to report it. Making a report in “good faith” means coming forward with information you believe to be true and correct. This means that any time you make such a report -even if an investigation does not uncover any misconduct – you will be safe from retaliation or any adverse consequence.

If you report improper conduct to a supervisor and it appears that the issue is not addressed, do not assume that the Company is going to take no action. The appropriate response is for you to escalate the issue to a more senior manager, up to and including the Company President, or the Human Resources Department, the Compliance Officer, or the General Counsel.

If the Company does not satisfactorily address your issue, or if you are uncomfortable raising the issue within the Company, please contact the Ethics Hotline at 1-800-270-7513 or 1-206-736-7020 (Outside the U.S.). For online reporting, please visit: The Ethics Hotline is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for you to ask questions, express a concern, or report a possible violation. The concerns you report will be logged and addressed promptly  by the appropriate person. We treat reported information in a confidential manner to the extent reasonably possible.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions are the vital details that are in place to ensure that the rights of both parties are understood, protected, and legally enforceable.  

Here is a link to the TOTE Services Terms and Conditions that apply to all transactions of goods and services.  Any proposed changes or amendments to these Terms and Conditions must be approved by the TOTE Group General Counsel prior to any execution of any transaction.

terms & Conditions