Systems & Process

TOTE Services, Inc. currently holds a Certificate of Company Compliance for the Marine Safety, Quality & Environmental (SQE) Management System applicable to the management and operation of cargo vessels and tankers.

TOTE Services’ SQE Management System is assessed by ABS annually and is in compliance with the requirements of the ISM Code, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, as relevant to the scope of its management system.

Management Systems and Processes

As part of this certification TOTE Services developed the necessary set of environmental aspects and has focused on programs and objectives to minimize shipboard waste and ensure the proper handling of all petroleum waste and hazmat.

TOTE Services’ SQE Management System addresses all key topics that are essential to the fundamental operation of the company, including: General/Code of Ethics; Policy Statement; Company Structure; Management Responsibility; Resources; Product Realization; Customer-Related Processes; and Measurement, Analysis and Improvement.

As with all such SQE Management Systems the TOTE Services’ Management System has been successfully audited by third party class societies every year since 1996. External (third party) audits of TOTE Services’ Management System are currently conducted by ABS who also acts as the registrar, and all third party audits are performed to ensure that TOTE Services’ Management System continues to conform to the ISM Code, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. These third party external audits of TOTE Services’ Management System include annual and 5 yr. renewal audits.

In addition to the yearly external audit, TOTE Services conducts annual internal audits of the SQE Management System.

The shipboard management systems certifications are administered by the TOTE Services Safety & Operations Department. The Safety & Operations group conducts or arranges internal audits of the shipboard management systems process, schedules external audits and corresponds with Class and Flag authorities on this topic. The Safety & Operations Group is also responsible for policy formulation and dissemination via the SQE Management System.