TOTE Services’ SBX Team Receives Award from Missile Defense Agency

The SBX Full Operations Business Administration Team was recognized at the MDA Awards Ceremony by Lt Gen Greaves.  The BusinessAdministration Team Award recognizes teams for their contributions in contracting, production, quality assurance, business, cost estimating, and financial management:

The SBX Full Operations Business Administration Team successfully transitioned SBX to full operations for a 248-day continuous deployment with only days of notice. To meet an urgent request from the Warfighter, the team pulled SBX crew from leave, sent them to the port of embarkation, and made SBX ready for sea over a weekend.  Here are some of the team’s key achievements:

  • Ability to deploy crew with limited time (2 days) while crew was on holiday leave
  • Sustainment on station required an offshore support vessels including finding an innovative way to execute the charter, and in time to arrive on-station before SBX’s food ran out.
  • The mobilization required marine engineering for an increase in fuel capacity, addition of a 12-man bunkroom (shipped across country) and an increase in water-making and food storage capacity. 
  • Supporting resupply and crew change in and efficient and effective manner.

The Business Administration team’s can-do attitude found solutions for each issue as it arose, with continuous measurement and brainstorming to make improvements.  This team accomplished all these activities in a fraction of the time forecast in the past planning, and did it through a dedication to the mission and a huge amount of Business Administration expertise and a willingness to work whatever hours were required.