TOTE Services Announces New Business

 TOTE Services Announces New Business

 Jacksonville, FL – October 6, 2014.  TOTE Services, Inc. announced today that it is being awarded a five-year ship management contract by American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier (ARC).  The seven-ship ARC fleet consists of Pure Car Truck Carriers that carry cargo in U.S. – International trades for the U.S. Government and its various agencies.  TOTE Services will provide crewing, purchasing and other back office support functions for ARC from its headquarters in Jacksonville, FL.  Work will begin on January 1, 2015.

Philip H. Greene, Jr., TOTE Services’ president, commented that this addition to the company portfolio will be a close partnership between ARC and TOTE Services and added, “we are excited to be working with ARC again and are pleased to be a partner in supporting their commercial success.”

TOTE Services, Inc., a TOTE, Inc. company, is a leading edge ship management company that provides crewing and technical management to a variety of government and commercial clients.


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