USNS Wheeler officers, crew sponsor Christmas party, donate to orphanage in Busan

The officers and crew of the USNS VADM K.R. Wheeler on Dec. 21 sponsored a party for the children at the Sung Ae Won Orphanage in Busan, South Korea. The officers and crew raised more than $1,900 for gifts, and provided pizza and ice cream for the children.      “After last year’s Christmas party for another orphanage, then the baseball game we took the kids to back in June, followed by the renovations done by the crew in August, you would think the crew would have no more to give. But, as you know, this crew never looks back or rests on past success,” said Captain Glenn Macario, master on the USNS Wheeler. “We obliterated our last donation record and moved the bar up several notches. I have stopped hoping for miracles from this crew. Now, they seem to be the norm.”