TOTE Service Crews Slash TRIR and LTIR Statistics for 2012!

Our heartiest congratulations go out to all of our crews for the banner safety year TOTE Services manned vessels had in 2012.  Two metrics used to gauge safety are those adopted by the National Safety Council  – Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) and the Lost Time Injury Rate (LTIR).  The basis for these calculations is based upon the number of events per 200,000 man hours.  TOTE Services 2011 our TRIR was 1.699, and Industry’s was 1.81; TOTE Services 2011 LTIR was 0.566 and the industry rate was 0.550.

In 2012 the actions of the TOTE Services crews reduced the company TRIR from 1.699 to 2011 to 0.901 in 2012.  Similarly, the LTIR dropped from 0.566 to 0.246.  The 2012 industry rates are not available as yet, but we are certain the TOTE Services numbers are well below them.  This was the best year in the past twenty for which we have been maintaining these statistics!  Again thank you for a SUPER JOB by All Hands!