Ship Management

TOTE Services is a leading U.S.-based ship management company, fully certified to comply with the Safety, Quality, and Environmental requirements of the ABS Guide for Marine Health, Safety, Quality, Environmental, and Energy Management. Providing uncompromised service to affiliated ship owners, U.S. Government, domestic and international third-party ship owners.

Since 1975, TOTE Services has provided full technical management and partial management/crewing services for nearly one-hundred vessels of various sizes and configurations.  Our focus is on safety, environmentally sound operations, high quality maintenance programs and achieving customer goals. Services are tailored to the vessel and the needs of the client, from special projects to full technical management.



TOTE Services has provided the following vessels full technical management or partial management/crewing services during the past 15 years.

  • Since 2012, TOTE Services has served as the ship operators for Military Sealift Command’s USNS WHEELER, an Offshore Petroleum Distribution System (OPDS).  This vessel can transfer fuel from a tanker to depots ashore from up to eight miles off the coast. TOTE Services also manages the USNS FAST TEMPO which supports the USNS WHEELER.
  • Under TOTE Services supervision, SBX-1, a self-propelled, semi-submersible mobile offshore platform, was converted to a self-propelled RADAR platform for the Missile Defense Agency. TOTE Services continues to manage SBX-1 under a contract with Military Sealift Command. Management has included taking SBX-1 through the original 2003 conversion process, sea trials, design modifications, establishment of Classification Society Survey Rules, as well as development and implementation of the preventative maintenance system, procedures/schedules, and all aspects of Marine Operations.
  • TOTE Services managed the technical conversion of MV Pacific Collector and S/S Pacific Tracker, two government owned Tracking and Telemetry ships, in service for the Missile Defense Agency. These ships are maintained in ROS-5 status and have been activated by TOTE Services in response to both scheduled missions and no-notice mission activations.
  • Management of the Offshore Petroleum Discharge System (OPDS) tanker SS Petersburg, which is currently in a reduced operating status, berthed in San Francisco, CA.
  • TOTE Services maintains the Cape Horn and Cape Hudson, two government-owned, diesel powered Roll-on/Roll-off ships berthed in San Francisco, CA in an ROS-5 status. Both have undergone maintenance activations and Sea Trials well within the prescribed ROS time frames.
  • TOTE Services maintains the  S/S Altair and S/S Bellatrix, two government-owned, Fast Sealift Ships (FSS) in ROS-5 status. Both ships are classified as vehicle carriers and are of the former SL7 class. Both ships have been activated and Sea Trialed within the prescribed ROS time frames.
  • TOTE Services maintains the S/S Cornhusker State, S/S Flickertail State and S/S Gopher State, three government-owned Tactical Auxiliary Crane Ships (TACS).  The vessels are currently in a reduced operating status, berthed in Newport News, VA.
  • TOTE Services is the prime contractor responsible for the maintenance, surveillance and monitoring of the nuclear ship (NS) Savannah.  This nuclear ship is maintained by TOTE Services in decommissioning protective storage.  Our company works together with the U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration and our teaming partners to provide ship husbandry services, radiological protection and nuclear license technical support to maintain the license issued by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).
  • On January 1st, 2015, TOTE Services became the ship manager for American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier (ARC) managing seven U.S. flagged, deep draft, commercial Roll-on Roll-off (RORO) ships. This fleet trades globally with primary routes set between the U.S. East Coast, Gulf Coast to Northern Europe, and between Asia-U.S. West Coast. These ships are part of the Maritime Security Program and also support the U.S. Military / United States Transportation Command (USTRANCOM) as required.



TOTE Services provides marine management services, shore side supervision, Licensed Officers and Unlicensed crew members to perform major-conversion and new construction dock trials, builder’s trials and acceptance trials for major U.S. shipbuilders.

Tasking / requirements necessary to conduct these activities include the following management and operational aspects:

  • Initial provision and sundries ordering, receipt and storing
  • Fit-out of galley, hotel and accommodations
  • Vetting, selection and training of light-off and trial crews
  • Management of statutory and regulatory requirements in preparation of trials
  • Safe operation and management of the ships in accordance with statutory, regulatory and classification society requirements
  • Emergency response and casualty control
  • Perform systems activations and testing