TOTE Services Top Leadership Position Changing Hands

MARAD Administrator Visits PAC Collector and Tracker

December 19, 2017 – MARAD Administrator ADM Mark Buzby recently visited the Pacific Tracker and Pacific Collector, TOTE Services managed vessels that are part of the US National Defense Reserve Fleet (NRDF).

TOTE Services Managed Ship MV Patriot Saves British Sailor

The MV Patriot and her crew rescued a British sailor off the coast of Australia on November 17.  The MV Patriot is crewed and managed by TOTE Services. On November 16, the MV Patriot received a distress message and altered course to respond and support the sailor whose vessel was dead in the water. Thanks […]

TOTE Services/TS Empire State Update: Bringing Relief to Puerto Rico

After arriving in the Florida Keys on September 17 to provide disaster assistance and relief following Hurricane Irma, the TS Empire State was deployed to Puerto Rico to house disaster response teams following Hurricane Maria. The vessel arrived in San Juan on October 1. The crew has provided water to people of Puerto Rico along […]

TOTE Services Activates the TS Empire State

TS EMPIRE STATE arrived to Key West, FL on Sunday. Crewed by American Maritime Officer (AMO) licensed personnel and Seafarer International Union (SIU) mariners, EMPIRE STATE is dedicated to supporting hurricane relief efforts to aid the citizens of the Florida Keys. TOTE Services is proud to manage the EMPIRE STATE on behalf of the Maritime Administration. […]

15 Vessels Receive Devlin Award

On June 7, 2017, TOTE Services was presented with individual Jones F. Devlin Awards for 15 vessels. The Devlin awards are presented to those ships that have operated for at least the past two years without having a Lost Time Injury.  The Jones F. Devlin Award is presented by the Chamber of Shipping of America […]