Mission / Values

TOTE Services will be the best in the world in providing ship management, marine  operations, and vessel services. TOTE Services will lead the industry in safety, value, and  operational excellence

To provide all our clients diverse solutions to their business goals that are characterized  by safety, value, and efficiency

To ensure our clients surpass their business objectives we are committed to providing  the most economical and efficient solutions in the market place. While delivering  success our employees embody the following core values:

•  Safety:    We promote an operating climate that prevents injury and lost time; protects the environment, and sustains equipment and property

•  Integrity:    We will always respect our client’s best interest and act with  honesty and integrity in our personal and professional behavior. Trust and  trustworthiness go hand in hand with how we conduct ourselves while we  sustain a culture based on ethical conduct at all levels in our organization

•  Respect:    Professionalism, pride, and teamwork are characteristics that  underscore our most important resource – our employees. We take care of our  people at sea and ashore. We are committed to a culture where every employee,  client, and supplier is a valued member, treated with respect, encouraged to  contribute, and rewarded for their efforts